Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet Land of Liberty

This week I made zero progress on the Falcon. But that's OK. I got to go home to Utah for an extended Thanksgiving weekend. I love going t Utah and I love seeing my family. I come from a nerdy family. Not only am I a Mechanical Engineer, so are all three of my brothers and my brother in law, so when we all get together the topic inevitably turns to some sort of heated discussion about thermodynamic principles. This time it centered around an assembly of ABS pipes.

Thanksgiving arts and crafts!
Ready for glue.

The potato cannon was a big hit. I think my pops enjoyed shooting it more than he's willing to admit, and my brother in law, Joe, couldn't think about much else all weekend long besides the design and analysis of potato cannons. He's already getting psyched up for Christmas break because he wants to hook some pressure sensors up to the chamber to log data and experiment with fuels.

On Sunday I went for a walk to a place I call Death Row. It's a line of cars out behind my dad's cabinet shop that no longer run. Most are FoMoCo products because gramps was a Ford salesman back in the day. I walked along and took pictures of some of the cars there and had a major ah-hah moment. At some point I realized that I have another child that I'd completely forgotten about. I am actually the owner of a 1959 Ford F100.

When I was in High School my buddy Jonnykat had a 1958 F100 that we were trying to fix. We didn't know much of anything in those days, but he knew a guy with a F100 he was willing to give away. We went and hauled the truck back to Jonny's place. When Jonnykat abandoned the project, he gave this parts truck to me. I hadn't thought about this truck being mine since I was about 16. I'd never realized how pretty it's patina is. Maybe I'll see if I can get it to fire up next time I'm in Utah.

My borhter's '49 Chev.

1964 (I think) Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe

This is Pa's High School truck. It's a 1960 F100 Custom cab with wraparound rear window.
Here's the car that started it all, my inspiration for buying Grace.
Fuel tank for no reason at all.

There are many other cars on Death Row, I only featured the ones that caught my eye this time.

Enough of my ramblings. The next post will be about Grace.


  1. Joe is researching potato cannons as I type this :-) He said he found some that can go as fast as 300+ mph. He wants a high speed camera and a pressure transducer for Christmas so he can write a scholarly paper on it.

  2. I'd be a little disappointed if he wasn't researching it right now!

  3. Hahaha. Joe fits right in the family. I mentioned something to Ma last night and this morning I had an email full of the research she'd done. I think we're all a little obsessive sometimes :)