Monday, February 29, 2016

John Stockton from the top of the key

Now that the fiscal year has ended at work, Grace and I get to hang out a little more often. Now that she's getting to the point where she's a real car, and I like my teeth where they are (in my mouth, and not in a dashboard) I decided it was time to put some 3 point seatbelts in her. The original bench seats had lap belts only, but in the interest of dental preservation I chose to upgrade.

You might wonder why I'm not putting racing harnesses in this car. Something many people don't realize is that racing harnesses in a street car can be very dangerous for a number of reasons. To use racing harnesses, you need to have a roll cage, or roll bar at minimum, as well as proper race seats. If a car has a roll cage, it can be dangerous to drive it without a helmet. With safety you can take one of two approaches, either race car or street car, and mixing the two can be dangerous. While Grace may visit a track from time to time, she is a street car, not a race car.

Shoulder Strap Anchor
B-pillar with trim panel removed

Retractor Assembly Mount

In order to make room for exhaust pipe routing under the middle of the car, I added an arch to the transmission crossmember. 

The exhaust pipe routing will move inboard, under the transmission crossmember. While I had the car up in the air, I took a few minutes to check muffler fitment. It fits. I like it.

Congratulations. You made it to the end of the post. Please accept this picture as a token of my gratitude.


And on that note, I'm out.