Monday, January 16, 2017

Return of the Blogger

Welcome back dear reader. It's been four months. I guess I took a 4 month sabbatical from blogging, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working. Like the bear who digs through your trash in the night, I have accomplished much while you slept. You are about to awake and find trash strewn across your yard several blog posts in rapid succession. But today I'm just going to show one of the diversions that have prevented blog posts. 

Some of you may know already, but my daily driver is a 1998 Jeep Cherokee I have affectionately coined "the TURD". And a turd it is, but I really like it. It recently had it's 190K mile birthday, and was in serious need of some suspension work. Over the Christmas break, I had several days off, and took 2 of those to tear into it.

I won't go into painful detail (and I can promise you that it is painful) but this job felt like a two day long street brawl. I'm just glad that things went as planned, otherwise it could have been a four or five day long street brawl.

The most useful tool for Jeep repair, just above the 700 lb-ft impact wrench and MAP torch
Old Crusties
New Shinies
Here we see the before and after. The difference is subtle, but nice. At some point I will have to replace the 7 year old tires on it. If tires could tell stories, these tires would have their own blog.

And finally, this is totally unrelated, but someone down the street from me has excellent taste in trucks. Stay tuned, more Falcon blog posts are coming soon.

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