Sunday, July 13, 2014

the band plays some song about forgetting yourself for a while

It's been a few weeks since I spent any quality time with Grace because I've been living my life on the run, on a different couch or backpacking pad every weekend. I was finally back in town so I tied up the loose ends on the subframe connector job. 

subframe bracket too wide for the subframe
Connector installed with cut bracket
Both sides of bracket spliced back together
Endcap installed on bracket
Cuts in floorpan to create clearance for subframe connectors
Welds tying subframe connector to floor
Removing crossmember material 
Beginning of welds from end of subframe to the tab on the right
Welds extending from the tab to the end of the subframe to add rigidity
The trans mount will connect to these sheetmetal boxes on both sides of the chassis
Vaughn trying (unsuccessfully) to attach a spare tire carrier to his trailer

Unfortunately that's all I have regarding Grace. It will be slow going for the next little while due to a lot of travel and lack of money for the old girl. But I do have a bonus section for you. These are the most interesting vehicles I spotted during the past weeks travels to Utah and Connecticut.

Ford Mustang II Cobra II. It's a bit like naming your son Robert Jr. Johnson II. I've never understood it.
This baby comes from ford's glory days of the late 70s when they were pushing 140 hp out of a 302CID V8.
I found it in Norwich Connecticut in the back lot of a Toyota dealer. It gave me Saturday Night Fever just
looking at it, and I had a primal urge to grow a mustache and find a woman with feathered hair and bell bottoms.
This Plymouth Sedan was found on Center Street Provo, in front of my favorite Pizza place in the world.
This one was love at first sight. She wasn't the least bit restored, and was perfect in every way.
You'll have to forgive the heavy Instagrammy filter, Google automatically applied it and I can't find the original.
This orange shortbed Ferd F-teenthousand is the stuff 13 year old me's dreams were made of. A whole lotta
years later, I still need one. Badly. 
This baby was hiding back from the road in a crappy garage, by a crappy house where one of my
girlfriends in college lived. I was walking by and just about had an aneurysm when I saw this. A
solid axle, leaf sprung, grave diggin', kid hidin', wife hidin', husband hidin' four wheels drive 'murrican
mini van. My buddy lives a block away and recieved a tongue lashing for never noticing it.


  1. Good thinkin cutting the ends off that boxed frame. Are the bolts on the trans centered on that line or just forward of it? Can't tell exactly from the pictures, but I bet it's seeming a little easier to fab that trans mount now.

    1. The trans is just a little forward of the boxes. I should be able to bend some DOM tube to drop down below the trans and then I'll attach a trans mount tab to the tube.