Monday, November 11, 2013

Arguments with furniture are rarely productive.

If I ever start a hotrod shop it probably ought to be called Third World Hotrods. Since I don't have a shop or a garage, I end up having to improvise pretty often. In this week's installment, you will see an old big block cylinder head repurposed as, well... you'll just have to keep reading.

One of my challenges on this project is to convert a carbureted car to a fuel injected car. I didn't want to build a carbureted car because carburetors are poorly controlled fuel leakers, and if you want a carburetor tuned, you have to sacrifice a fatted calf and take it to a wizard. I am not a wizard nor do I have a fatted calf. My roommate's doge keeps defecating on the floor though, I wonder if a canine sacrifice would do...  But I digress. I didn't feel that the stock fuel tank would provide a reliable supply of fuel to the fuel pump, seeing that it doesn't have any baffles or method of fuel control. I decided that I should build a sump for the stock tank so that I would still get a constant fuel supply under hard cornering and acceleration.

The initial cardboard pattern.
This is the shape of the sump.
Carefully laid out in sharpie.
Cut out using my hand grinder with a thin cutoff wheel.
A wild cylinder head appears.
What's this, you're not going to??
Oh yes I am!
Third world fabrication at it's finest.
Welded inside.
And out.
Prepping the fuel tank for the sump.
Installed sump.
Finished product.

So that's my mostly finished gas tank. I still need to leak test it and then paint it. Lets hope hope it does it's job without any fiery death.

I also painted the underside of the car in the rear suspension area so I can begin to re-assemble the suspension and axle.

That's about it, other than my purchase of a 10 gauge 100' extension cord. It cost more than I'd like to discuss at this time, but it has the double your money back macho guarantee. If you find a more macho extension cord which can beat this one in an arm-wrestle, you get double your money back. I seriously doubt there are serious contenders. On that note, I'll leave you to marinate in wonder at this cord.

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