Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Pedals Bad, Three Pedals Good

Today I finally got to spend some time with Grace. It's been a while since I've been able to dedicate some time to her, mostly due to the Subaru from the last post.

I'm a big believer in manual transmissions. If God wanted us to drive cars with automatic transmissions, he would have only given us one arm and one leg. Grace has lived most of her live as a two pedaled chariot, but today she got an upgrade.

Two pedals bad

1/8" thick pedal mount plate

Pedal assembly and mounting plate

Old pedal assembly vs new pedal assembly

Cardboard template for fitting the pedal mount plate to the firewall

Pattern transferred to the mounting plate

My redneck vise

Cutting out the old pedal mount

Looking through to the throne

Welded into place

Master cylinders mounted

Three pedals good.
Once I got the pedal assembly mounted, I started on the steering column lower mount. Originally the Falcon did not have a lower steering column mount. I got a pinch collar from McMaster-Carr to use as a lower mount and cut a piece of 16ga steel with my grinder to fit the floor. I didn't get a chance to weld it in place, so there will be more welding in the near future.

Sheetmetal cut with a grinder and hole saw

Lower column mount ready for welding


  1. ooh gooness. That brake pedal is mighty close to that gas pedal. Why do you think that is?

    P.S. floor mounted gas pedal FTW.

    1. Tiny feet maybe?

      Heel and toe downshifts should be an absolute joy in this car since I don't have to design it around blue haired octogenarians who have a difficult time operating the two pedals of a Camry.

      I will have to change out this particular accel pedal though. It really is too close to the brake pedal at the base, it's hard to depress the brake without also hitting the throttle. I may have to go with a firewall mount pedal, we'll see when we get there.