Friday, April 26, 2013


Today was an special day. It was Friday. And not just any Friday. It was a Friday on which I did not go to work. It was also a Friday on which I started up the old 88 ranger and drove to Total Cost Involved Engineering in Ontario, California (Which by the way, I find to be a ridiculous name for a city in California. Ontario CA is supposed to mean Ontario Canada, not Ontario California. Guy who names cities in California: You're fired.) to pick up my suspension package.

I drove up there and some guy told me to talk to Suzanne and she'd get me squared away. Suzanne was tall. We're talking over six feet here. And she was blonde. I thought my friend Chief, who is 6'8" and had come along for the ride would be happy to see that. He's always asking me if I know any "tall, blonde betties".  Cheif said she was too skinny and too married for him.

Suzanne took me out in the shop to see this guy Jose who drives a forklift. Jose finished packing my parts and brought his forklift over to my truck. We went through the packing list as he unloaded the pallet into my truck. And it's quite a list...
Jose's handiwork
  • upper A-arms
  • lower A-arms
  • single (rebound) adjustable mustang II front dampers
  • front springs (500 lb/in)
  • Mustang II 2" drop spindle
  • 11" front brake rotors
  • GM calipers
  • 1" front swaybar
  • heim joint swaybar links
  • inner fender panels
  • Mustang II power steering rack
  • braided SS brake hose kit
  • triangulated 4-link cradle
  • rear upper links
  • rear lower links
  • axle brackets
  • rear single (rebound) adjustable coilover dampers
  • rear springs (250 lb/in)
  • 3/4" rear swaybar
  • miscellaneous hardware, tabs, brackets and reinforcing plates

I hauled it home and put it in my garag... errrr, bedroom.

I inspected some of the parts and while playing with the front coilovers, I found something that was slightly unnerving. When I cycled the dampers, there was no damping for the first 3/4" of travel. I could definitely hear air passing the damper piston. After playing with it for a few minutes the damping firmed up and it had consistent damping throughout the whole range. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Last night I got thinking that I will need a good grinder for the upcoming work. Early next week I should have a DeWalt 4.5" angle grinder in hand. Thank you Amazon Prime!

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